Chinese Valentine´s Day. Double Seventh Festival

Spanish version

Double Seventh Festival is the romantic day in China, also called Chinese Valentine’s Day.

This year’s Valentine’s Day falls on August 20, 2015, in the Gregorian calendar, and it falls on the seventh day of the seventh month in the Chinese calendar.

The legend of a farmer named Niu Lang and a fairy from heaven named Zhi Nü, who fell in love which each other and they got married in secret, but their love was not allowed and the Queen Mother in heaven decided that they only could meet each year on the 7th of the 7th lunar month.Therefore their meeting date has been called “Qi Xi” (Double Seventh)

On that day, the lovers meet on Que Qiao, a bridge carried by birds in the Milky Way.

This legend originated from the Han dynasty (207 BC-220 AC)

Today is a day to give flowers and jewelry but some items you might need to avoid:

Shoes: It means that your lover will run away

Umbrella: Sounds like separation in Chinese
Clock: Cursing

Neither dolls and candles are a good idea.