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China Purchase Assistant

Your Purchases Assistant will enable you to have a dedicated person in China to manage any paperwork your company might require.

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Purchase and Storage Service

Your company will have an on-site operator and 120m3 storage place. This service will allow you to verify that the goods received comply with the quality controls you require.

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Quality Control

Factory inspection, production inspection and pre-shipment inspections. Visit to the factory, confirmation of units requested/units produced, reports and photographs, we will be your “eyes in China”.

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Your company in Hong Kong

can be set up by any physical person (one or more) with no need for a local partner.

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Your China business support consultancy




  • We have used SedeenChina services since 2006, they have been fundamental in helping us to develop successful trading relationships with several companies in China – we used their Purchases assistant service to buy products in China and after several years SedeenChina team has helped us to understand the potential for our business in Asia and enable us to build the foundation for additional export business.
    Spanish Testimonial
    - Pedro FuenteshiLED

  • We chose SedeenChina after checking different options, its Export Assistant Services has identified several quality suppliers for us as well as getting samples and quotations on our behalf. Following communications with the suppliers, purchases, quality control, payment checking…
    Spanish Testimonial
    - Sergio FrutosNanomove

  • We need from China the lastest in technology. The prices are very interesting and we chose SedeenChina because their Purchases assistant service, she is our colleague in China and helps us  through the entire buying process
    Spanish testimonial
    - Silvia JustoGrupo Inec

  • We are electronic product wholesalers, and we need to buy in the factory of the world, China. We have used SedeenChina services since 2004 because we cannot afford the wasting time and costs of not receiving the products in perfect conditions.
    Spanish Testimonials
    - Amador CubinoMicrocubo

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